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Bone Holding Forceps

Surgical Instruments Online Australia have a range of bone holding forceps ideal for orthopaedic surgery procedures. This range includes bone holding forceps, sequestrum forceps, reposition forceps, cartilage and meniscus forceps and bone holding clamps.

Bone holding forceps are used to stabilise the bone during orthopaedic procedures. They can be used on all bones and come in a range of sizes and styles. The serrated and toothed jaws allow the forceps to securely stabilise the bone.

Some of the bone holding forceps come with ratchets which allow the forceps to be firmly attached to the bone and allows better grip placement. They can be used in conjunction with bone levers, bone reamers and measuring instruments which are also available through Surgical Instruments Online Australia.

The Bone holding forceps range includes Martin, Semb, Lane, Farabeuf, Ulrich and Kern

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