Surgical Instrument Trays & Lists for Hospitals and Healthcare

We can provide you with official quotations and pricing for surgical instrument tray lists or individual items for your hospital, operating theatre, day surgery, ward or other healthcare facility. 

Our Medicon and BOB ranges include over 15,000 instruments which may be overwhelming and unknown what ones to select. Let us do the hard work for you and compile the tray lists based on your recommendations.

We can provide product comparisons and alternatives based on what you have listed or start from scratch.

We can even provide pricing if you only need individual instruments or have to replace broken instruments. 

Surgical Instruments Online Australia is supported by National Surgical Corporation, an Australian distributor of consumables, surgical instruments and shelving/storage. Let NSC support you, we can assist with any instrument enquiries:

  • Instrument selection and identification
  • Pricing and quotations
  • Determining tray instrument requirements
  • Expert knowledge of entire surgical instrument range
  • All Medicon instruments are Made in Germany - over 15,000 instruments in our range
  • Unsure what you need? Let us help you!
  • Range of standard instruments (scissors, forceps, needleholders, retractors) as well as specialised instruments

The standard range of essential surgical instruments includes:

Scissors - Mayo, Iris,
Stevens, others...
Needleholders - Neivert,
Halsey, Mayo-Hegar, micro..
Retractors - delicate, D/E, 
Ragnell, Roux, Senn-MIller

Forceps - tissue, dressing,
dissecting, grasping

Hemostatic/ artery/ 
mosquito forceps
Sponge forceps - 
Foerster, Rampley
Towel clamps - 
Backhaus, Edna Lorna
Suction & irrigation,
cannulas, Frazier, Yankauer

Bandage & plaster scissors 
"Chicken" scissors
Uterine curettes, biopsy
curettes, obstetric scissors
Elevator, raspatories, 
Hooks - single or D/E,
skin hooks, muscle, nerve, ENT

Our range includes all surgical instruments across all surgical specialities: 


Retractors - delicate, D/E, 
Ragnell, Roux, Senn-MIller
Retractors - delicate, D/E, 
Ragnell, Roux, Senn-MIller
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