Medichill 'Cool Cubes' ice and heat packs - Australian designed, owned and made

Medichill Cool Cube Pads & Bandages utilise harnessed and contained water to provide cold therapy once chilled. They are simple and quick to use and can be used chilled, frozen or heated to provide medication-free pain relief for various areas within a hospital, healthcare facility, school, sporting team, outpatient clinic and paramedics. The Medichill ‘Cool Cubes’ are unique multi-purpose sheets which can be cut to varying sizes providing comfort through pain relief and reduction of swelling. The sheets can be re-used by the same patient or simply disposed of when soiled or treatment completed. 

Available in various sizes and can be cut to suit the individual needs, then simply disposed after use, minimising cross infection concerns
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Ideal for natural pain relief for labour and maternity wards

Replace the use of ice, wet towels, saline packets and reduce your labour costs, minimise risk of infection control and reduce potential hazards to employees by using Medichill Cool Cubes.  

Not only are Medichill ice and heat packs perfect for maternity and labour midwives and employees, they also provide many advantages for new mothers including:

  • Comfort during labour - back, shoulder or upper neck pain (used warm)
  • Use as a dermatome test after an epidural
  • Soothe perineum inflammation or haemorrhoids
  • Caesarean section scars and bruising
  • Post operative, localised pain relief
  • Assist with pain management and flow of milk during mastitis or blocked ducts
  • Soreness and bruising after surgical breast procedures
  • Nursing mothers - for painful full breasts and breast engorgement used chilled not frozen
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Using Medichill Cool Cubes in the surgical ward

The Medichill Ice Bandage is ideal for use in surgical wards or theatre recovery especially after orthopaedic procedures or breast procedures. They can be wrapped around larger areas to provide pain relief including the shoulders, knees, hips, breasts, under the arms and many other areas. They can be secured in place using the Medichill compression bandage. 

All Medichill Cool Cubes can be cut to size so that one sheet can be used for various patients or cut to size to suit the different areas being treated. It can be slit so that it easily drapes over shoulders or other areas. 
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Medichill instant ice packs and gel packs

The Medichill instant ice and heat packs can be used in any emergency situation and are activated immediately. They have no shelf life, so that they can be stored for long periods before use. 

Medichill dental pad and cover

Specially developed for treating patients after dental surgery including wisdom tooth extraction. The uniquely designed cover fits on most heads and can be secured in place to soothe any face/mouth pain

Ideal for dental surgery including wisdom teeth extraction. Pack includes the Australian designed and made Medichill ice pack (DPC-1) and the adjustable head cover. The head cover is a soft washable, latex free fabric that has stretch and adjustability that suits most head sizes. It has two pockets on the inside that hold the Medichill Cool Cubes in place securely.

Easy to apply and remove, even by the patient. Reusable and additional Medichill cool cubes can be placed inside as the other one refreezes.

Free sample available

Would you like a free Medichill sample? Contact Us now and we will send one to you!
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