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Surgical Instruments Online Australia have an extensive range of scalpel blades and handles for use in the operating theatre, day surgery during general surgery or any other surgical specialty. Scalpel blades are an essential surgical instruments, used in most operating procedures to make a precise and minimally scarring dissection to the patient. Surgical knives are extremely sharp to be used as an amputating knife, to remove organs, tissue or parts of these during surgical procedures. The scalpel blades and handles range includes operating scalpels, delicate scalpels and interchangeable scalpel handles and blades. Medicon have the range of scalpel handles including #3, #7 and #3 long which are the most common. They can be used with any branded scalpel blade.

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  • Langenbeck resection knife

    Langenbeck resection knife

    Product Code: 01.70.01

    Langenbeck resection knife 18cm - Figure 1 

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    Online Price: $100.00 / piece ex GST 

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